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Fly Fishing Boot Camp coming in 2018

2018 1will mark the spawning season of AZFISHBOOK. This new event will be a Fly Fishing Boot Camp at the Salt River encompassing a broad array of fly fishing skills needed to make your fly fishing experience more enjoyable and successful.

The leaders of this group bring over 100 years of total fly fishing expertise.  If it has been done with a fly rod I know they have done it.

Curriculum consisting of

  • Boot Camp 101 - Basic casting, leader construction, etc.., for the beginners
  • Boot Camp 202 - More advanced casting techniques, Mayl's Magic fishing preparation, etc.., for those who are wanting to take there Fly Fishing skills to the next level
  • Knot Tying - From basic knots to more sophisticated knots
  • Fly Tying - tie your own flies
  • and much more
  • Event a little fishing after class if you like.

Feel free to contact info@azfishbook.com if you have questions. Hope you can make it. I believe this will be a great even

Arizona Everything Fly Fishing Network

Education & Meet-up

Whether it be casting technique, knot tying, fly tying or how to organize for upcoming fishing adventures, Zane Grey Trout Unlimited sponsoring AZFISHBOOK Fly Fishing Boot Camp will prove to be a valuable resource.

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Speakers & Events

Come out, socialize and hear some extremely knowledgable speakers that will share their knowledge, experience, tips and yes lots of great fish porn at scenic locations.

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Fishing Opportunities

From Arizona Bone fish (Grass Carp) in metro Phoenix, to destination trip on the San Juan River in New Mexico to Montana many hot fishing spots, AZFISHBOOK will be organizing multiple tips to feed you fly fishing adventure needs.

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